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Professional Driving Lessons in Surrey

Learning to drive is an exciting milestone and also a privilege. We at Millennial Drivers Driving School, Ltd. understand that learning how to drive can be a daunting task and, therefore, we create an atmosphere where our client feels comfortable, with safety being our primary concern. From the very beginning, we establish a foundation of safe and defensive driving habits through our professional driving lessons. We service White Rock, Surrey, Delta, and Langley. As instructors, we tailor all driving lessons to the needs of the students and their varied learning styles. Each student is unique and learns in a different way. Our system is set to provide a nurturing atmosphere with regular feedback to enforce the skills being taught. We will help you gain confidence in driving and get you safely on the road. Have a look at some reasons to choose professional driving.

Benefits of Professional Driving Instruction

Here are some of the benefits of taking up driving lessons professionally:

It all begins with establishing a foundation of safe and defensive driving habits from the very beginning. Building confidence on the roads with a professional instructor that is familiar with navigating the nervous energy of new drivers is paramount for ensuring a calm and focused driving experience. This, in turn, also builds the student’s confidence. Confidence on the road promotes smart decision-making, safe actions and an enjoyable experience. Driving should be fun, but it is an earned privilege.
The provincial rules and regulations are always changing and evolving. It is imperative the student be taught the most up-to-date driving rules, not only for a better chance of passing their road test but also to reinforce their own safety. If you are a parent teaching your child, it is likely the rules of the road have changed significantly since you obtained your driver’s licence. The most effective route to student success is a combination of professional driving lessons, to establish safe and defensive habits, as well as practice hours with the parent.
A professional driving instructor is adaptable to the student’s needs and an expert in their field. They love teaching and the nuances of educating new drivers. They take pride in watching the student grow in both driving skills and confidence after each lesson. The instructor is adept at guiding the student to building a solid foundation and gaining tactical insights into independently making the right driving decisions. Ultimately the instructor is setting the student up for solo driving success.

Available Packages

At Millennial Drivers Driving School, Ltd., we have packages in accordance with your needs and budget. Installment plans are available upon request.

Prices are subject to change.

Installment Plans Available: Additional Cost 10%
Ask about Installment Plans when inquiring about Lesson Packages
Road Test With Millennial Drivers Vehicle
Depending on distance from your home to your road test center. Road Test Packages are approximately between 2.5 Hours and 2 Hours. Inquire for estimates.
Package A: A refresher package. Also can be used as a road test package, with pre-arranged pick-up point, travel to test centre, 1 hour warm-up before exam, travel back to drop-off point

3 hours $282.00 + GST

Package B: Provides enough lessons to introduce necessary driving competencies and with proper practice between lessons would be the minimum for driving safely and challenging the Provincial exam.

6 hours $552.00 + GST

Package C: Beginner package to introduce all driving competencies at a comfortable pace and with proper practice between lessons, a student will be able to challenge the Provincial exam with confidence.

10 hours $880.00 + GST

Package D: Designed for a new student being introduced for the first time, behind the wheel of a vehicle.

15 hours $1260.00 + GST

Package E: Designed for a student that may require extra practice time without the benefit of a practice partner and vehicle to accomplish the required practice between lessons recommended by ICBC.

25 hours $2075.00 + GST

Hourly Rate:

$95.00/hour + GST Includes pick-up at a pre-arranged location, (ie. home, school, work etc.), the driving lesson and drop-off point of your choosing.

Road Test With a Millennial Drivers Vehicle:
For Packages C, D, and E, depending on practice between lessons, (recommended 1 hour lesson = 4 hours accumulated practice between lessons), Package Hours can be designated towards using the Millennial Drivers vehicle for your Provincial exam.

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